The UK after Brexit

The BREXIT has represented a radical change in the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union, which has affected British and European interests. The details of the agreement are very complex and affect many productive sectors and people to different degrees depending on many circumstances that must be taken into account in each case to act accordingly.

Anyone can think that a country that leaves the EU has a very difficult time staying competitive in a global world like the current one. It is true that the British had never felt comfortable within the EU and this led them not to participate in the euro or the Schengen agreement. They always criticized the excess bureaucracy in Brussels, the difficulty in reaching important agreements and that their interests were diluted within the EU despite the fact that, together with France and Germany, they made up the so-called E3 group and were the ones that marked the broad lines of community policy.

With the materialization of the EU exit on January 1 this year, in the United Kingdom there were fears about the lack of some food products in British supermarkets and long lines of trucks in the ports of the channel. Although there has been some of this, it seems that it is being less than what some experts predicted and to solve the initial problems with fresh food, the increase in transport times and rates and the new customs procedures the United Kingdom Government is looking for solutions and compensations that help the injured.

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But, at the same time, the British Government is taking the first steps of what they have defined as “Global Britain”, a strategy of alliances that compensates for the loss in political and commercial terms that its exit from the EU has entailed. Within it, it is negotiating agreements with the US and other countries on a bilateral basis and is also holding meetings to adhere to some of the large multinational free trade agreements. This position is particularly interesting because, by maintaining good relations with the EU for neighborhood reasons, it will place the United Kingdom in a different economic and geopolitical dimension.

on the international board. As some of the UK’s most influential experts say, the opportunities are in Asia and for that reason it is putting its efficient diplomacy in motion to push forward this new strategy and has already submitted its candidacy to become part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty (CPTPP). which includes 11 Asian and Pacific countries. It will not be the last decision they make in this regard. The UK’s interest is to remain internationally influential and active in global challenges. Without a doubt, it has the capacity to carry it out since it is the sixth economic power in the world and one of the first in defense, intelligence, diplomacy and development capacity.

Today no country can maintain the standard of living of its citizens on terms similar to those of the EU if it is not through alliances with other countries or other blocs. Choosing travel companions and the conditions of relationships is essential to guarantee the result. The natural solution for the UK was to join the EU for historical and cultural reasons, but it is not easy to strike a balance between being part of an association as ambitious as the EU and maintaining a high level of independence. It will take some time to offset the effects of BREXIT in both the UK and the EU, but a mutually acceptable situation will be reached that serves to turn the page and for each to move independently into the future.

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Since this BREXIT story began, I have always thought that if there is any country that can survive leaving the EU, it is the United Kingdom, precisely because of its institutional, economic and industrial strength and with a past presence and influence in the world of which they are proud and that will help them achieve goals as ambitious as those that have been set in this new stage. In that strength and in that pride resides your confidence.


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