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[Voice of Hope May 3, 2021](Compiled by our reporter Zhou Yang)On May 3 (Monday), British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that starting from May 17, some foreign travel will be opened. More details will be announced this week to confirm when and how to restart international travel in England. Johnson emphasized that while continuing to open up, we should be as cautious as possible and do not want to see a large influx of diseases from other places.

Johnson also confirmed that the UK may relax its social distancing measures on June 21, when the government intends to relax all restrictions on entertainment and social gatherings. However, in some indoor settings, it may still be necessary to wear a mask.

Johnson said that this still depends on the data, and we can’t say it categorically. We must study epidemiology while researching progress, and we must study the relationship with disease.

The European Commission has just stated that it plans to reopen this summer to holidaymakers from countries with low rates of new coronavirus infections (such as the United Kingdom) and all people who have been vaccinated. EU member states will seek to reach an agreement to open European borders at the meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is also a great encouragement to the UK.

The British government stated that it will implement traffic signal rules for countries with green, amber or red traffic categories.

Travelers from green countries such as Portugal, Malta, and Gibraltar need to undergo a new coronavirus test before traveling, and do not need to be quarantined when coming to the UK; immigrants from amber countries and regions such as Spain and France need to be quarantined; Brazil, the United Arab Emirates Travelers from countries and regions on the red list, such as South Africa, have the most stringent regulations. They must pay to be quarantined in government-regulated hotels.

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A government spokesperson said that there are already robust border controls to stop the mutant virus, and travel is only allowed if it is safe.

On May 3, there were 1,649 new cases of the new coronavirus in the UK, and one death occurred within 28 days after the positive test. This is the lowest number since August 30 last year.

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