The international community gave a strong blow to the United Kingdom on Wednesday night by suing him by a majority in the General Assembly of the United Nations to retire in no more than six months from Chagos.

This archipelago in the Indian Ocean is an important base that London rents to the United States but claims Mauritius as an integral part of its territory. The inhabitants of Diego García, one of the small islands of Chagos were expelled.

Hours later, when he defended his position on this case, the British government warned against any demand for Malvinas or Gibraltar to Argentina and Spain, which from the beginning of the process accompanied Mauricio in his demand. The British ambassador to the UN, Karen Pierce, says EFE was consulted about the possible implications of this decision for Gibraltar and the Malvinas, and "said not expect any change of position on the part of Spain and Argentina, two countries with which, he recalled , London has good relations. "

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In his speech by Chagos, the Argentine ambassador to the UN, Martín García Moritan stressed that Argentina had a "commitment to Decolonization and also solidarity with a country that, like us, continues to be a victim of colonialism. " And that led them to accompany Mauricio in his legitimate claim of sovereignty over the Chagos archipelago. "That is why we voted in favor of resolutions 2066 (XX), 2232 (XXI) and 2357 (XXII), and we co-sponsored resolution 71/292 that requested the International Court of Justice the Advisory Opinion on Legal Consequences of the separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965. "he exclaimed.

Ambassador to the UN, Martín García Moritán, on Wednesday May 22, during his speech by Chagos

Ambassador to the UN, Martín García Moritán, on Wednesday May 22, during his speech by Chagos

The resolution of the General Assembly endorsed an opinion of the International Court of Justice. In February, the ICJ ruled that decolonization was not completed according to international law and then the Chagos archipelago is an integral part of Mauritius.

The Assembly ruled on Tuesday in favor of Mauricio for 116 votes in favor There were 6 against and 56 abstentions. It was a resounding defeat, although not mandatory for the British and American governments.

Although from the opposition and from sectors of Cambiemos, they think that the country should take more advantage of a supposed British and island weakness in the face of its political and internal breakdown by Brexit, Clarion already published that the Government does not intend to bring a claim before the courts of the International Court against the United Kingdom. On the contrary, it maintains an increasingly close relationship with London, and a hand of cooperation and dialogue with the islanders. And although it is usually compared, the claim of Chagos and Malvinas keeps some differences.

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But the diplomatic claim continues. Chancellor Jorge Faurie will do it again before the UN Committee on Decolonization on June 24.

Mauritius became independent from the United Kingdom in 1968, and claims that London separated Chagos illegally three years before independence.

The Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, recalled on Wednesday before the General Assembly that the agreement by which his country supposedly yielded that territory was signed by individuals who did not really represent the population and who were under British control, EFE reported. then quote the British ambassador.

London believes that the resolution of the General Assembly can create a dangerous precedent, since Chagos' is a "bilateral" dispute in which the ICJ should not enter without the agreement of the two parties.

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Before his message to Argentina and Gibraltar, Pierce said that his country will continue in the area and reiterated the position of his country: that Chagos has been under British sovereignty since 1814 and was never part of Mauritius.

In the 1965 agreement, London undertook to "cede" the archipelago to Mauritius when it was not necessary for "defense purposes".

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According to Pierce, that situation has not occurred, because the joint base that the United Kingdom and the United States. They maintain in Diego Garcia, the main island of Chagos, is "vital to combat conflicts, terrorism, drugs, crime and piracy," said the Spanish news agency.

Jugnauth stressed that his country is willing to reach an agreement to keep the base operational in the long term.

The military installation is one of the main US installations. in the Indian Ocean and has capacity for ships, submarines and bombers, which were used both in the invasion of Afghanistan, in 2001, and in that of Iraq in 2003, to launch air attacks.