The UN will ask the United Arab Emirates about the situation of Princess Latifa


The UN Human Rights office has promised to discuss with the authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the doubts that have arisen about the situation of Princess Latifa bin Mohammad al Maktoum, daughter of the Emir of Dubai and disappeared since she released some videos in which he denounced being a “hostage” of his family.

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, has confirmed that they will “undoubtedly” raise the “new information” to the Emirati authorities. Likewise, they do not rule out that other organizations of the organization may be involved “once they have analyzed the new material” broadcast by the British chain BBC.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has also acknowledged that his Government is “concerned”, although he has been in favor of “waiting” to see how the investigation that the United Nations may open progresses.

Latifa, now 35, first tried to escape Dubai as a teenager, but her case went around the world in 2018, after she left the country on a boat with a former monitor, Tiina Jauhiainen. The vessel was intercepted after eight days of sailing off the coast of India.

The princess then told her friends that she wanted to escape due to the restrictions imposed on her by her family and mainly her father, the Emir Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, and made public complaints of alleged abuses that the Emirati authorities have always denied.

Isolated and without contact with the outside, she managed to record new videos in which she insisted that she was still in detention and at the mercy of her family. According to these videos, now released by the BBC, the princess was alone in a house with the doors and windows closed and watched by the security forces, without access to doctors or lawyers.

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She felt like a “hostage”, as she herself assures in the recordings, which at one point are interrupted for reasons unknown to her environment. According to Latifa, he recorded these videos with a secret mobile and inside the bathroom, since it was the only door that his guards allowed him to close.

Jauhiainen explained that she now makes these messages public because “it has been a long time” and she is worried. “I feel like she would like us to fight for her and not give up,” she told British public broadcaster.

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