The “Undío” Kingdom is going downhill, without brakes and it seems that United is not going to be for long

My fingers, involuntarily, on many occasions type “United Kingdom” instead of United Kingdom. So, Undío without H. I don’t know if you are trying to tell me something with this repeated error. “Undío” or sunk seems this country for a long time, and sunk in many different facets and not only the economic one.

Before gutting this sinking by the key that we all know, which is the economic one with a 9.9% drop in 2020 and the effects of Brexit, I would name as the first cause indifference, pasotism and the lack of commitment of the population to the country’s politics.

The United Kingdom lives for a time that would be the paradise of an opposition with a minimum of capacity and enthusiasm. This is how they were put on Fernando VII.

Keir StarmerThe British Labor leader, it seems that he wants to win supporters with little flags and an obsolete use of toothpick-in-the-mouth patriotism. Flags to recover the votes of those who defected to vote for UKIP, the xenophobic party and a true image of what Steve Bannon has tried to achieve in Europe, and of those who voted for Boris Johnson to secure a Brexit as tough as possible.

A Sir Keir worries about winning votes again, without worrying about losing them from a pro-European labor majority, which has never been a fan of the patriotism that the party leader now wants to bring. Ok, your party and your decisions.

In the House of Commons, week after week, he lets Prime Minister Boris Johnson out of the parliamentary question session. A government that is suffering the worst pandemic with late decisions and populism.

The data shows that the United Kingdom is the European country that has defended its population the worst from the coronavirus, leading in total deaths. Their sloppiness allows the virus to move wherever it wants and has led to not only having a British strain (the one from Kent), but this week they were talking about a second strain in Bristol.

The United Kingdom is the European country that has worst defended its population from the coronavirus

We win in deaths, in Christmas celebrations, in strains originating in the country, in flights that arrive from all over the world. Finally, in February 2021, they have decided to start controlling airports as of next week. When we have been with more than 1,000 deaths a day for weeks, now they decide to request a PCR test and a mandatory quarantine in a hotel.

Keir Starmer does not make blood with the covid and less with Brexit. It does not want to position itself outside the line set by the British Government. It is the level of an opposition that does not oppose.

The fault of this is the evil European Union that they do not let you enter the elitist club of which they are no longer members as before and treat them as any non-member!

Sometimes the experts speak and are not listened to. Other times, some who call themselves experts, and who have the power of the media behind them, speak and not only are they listened to, but they are also listened to. This is serious.

The whole situation that is being experienced in the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is leaving many of us with a strange feeling of dalready seen. As if we had known what was coming ahead a long time in advance, and that we are neither clairvoyant, nor do we read the letters.

Project Fear they called it. Project fear was the term used by our brothers-in-law in the UK. “Nothing will change”. “They need us more than we need them.” “We have the rest of the world as partners.”

Empty slogans based on zero data, zero analysis, zero debate. A long time ago, the thinking heads in the United Kingdom who opposed Brexit decided to keep quiet to avoid being called traitors to the cause that was decided by 52% against 48% of the vote.

The Euronext de Amsterdam this week exceeded the level of 9.2 billion euros a day on average in stocks and derivatives. It thus exceeds the London Stock Exchange which remains at 8,600 million euros.

The drop has been considerable and can only be attributed to the loss caused by being outside the umbrella of the European Union. The equivalence system has yet to be negotiated, but is the EU interested in negotiating?

The Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, has made it clear that “it would be unrealistic and dangerous for the European Union to attempt to force full alignment.” They ask to have the benefits without complying with the rules. They demand it now that they have seen that the EU treats the UK like any other country that is not a non-member, as they wanted. No ties, no membership, no obligations and, how curious, no rights.

They will soon have to change the name, or perhaps continue to use it, when they go from four to three members

Finally, in this “Undío” Kingdom, not even the United Kingdom is worth it. They will soon have to change the name, or perhaps continue to use it, when they go from four to three members and even just two members.

Scotland seems that if they do not continue to injure themselves with internal wars in the Scottish National Party (SNP), is on the way to a second and definitive referendum on self-determination.

A referendum that would once again be a toss-up, adjusted and that will leave a divided country, as divided as the United Kingdom is now with a consummated Brexit and suffering the effects. The grace period ends on March 31st. Then we will have clearer consequences.

Perhaps the Scottish referendum can be avoided with a second referendum on Brexit. Or perhaps the second Brexit referendum is long after the decline of this disunited “Undian” Kingdom.

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