The United Kingdom will strengthen its Navy as the most powerful in Europe

(VOVWORLD) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on November 19 the largest increase in the national defense budget since the Cold War, with the aim of strengthening the Navy as the most powerful in Europe.

The new aircraft carrier of the British Navy (Photo: The Guardian)

Speaking in the British Parliament, Johnson said the period of defense budget cuts was over and that the government would add £ 24.1 billion to the army over the next four years.

With this decision, the defense budget in the near future will represent 2.2% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With a total budget for the sector of 190 billion pounds over the next four years (more than 252 billion dollars), London will be a member with the largest defense budget in Europe and the second in the Atlantic Treaty Organization. North (NATO), after the United States.

Johnson said his country’s Navy would restore its status as the strongest on the Old Continent through a plan to build 12 new destroyers and develop a new generation of warships.


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