The United States added 69 thousand cases in one day

The US authorities have reported 69,000 new coronavirus infections during the day on Friday, a record of positives since last July 29, more than 71,300 were reported cases. The maximum number of infections per day is 77,000. The average number of daily infections for the last week already reached 55,000, 60 percent higher than the figures for mid-September, which has forced state authorities to impose restrictions. So far the United States has accounted for 8,069,856 cases and 218,812 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

States such as Nebraska, New Mexico or Kentucky have set new regulations to prevent infections or prepare the health system while hospitalizations continue to grow at the federal level, which augurs an increase in deaths, explained the director of the National Institute of Health, Francis Collins .

“It is a good time for people to stop and wonder what they can do to be safe and limit contagion,” Collins said Friday, according to CNN.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation of the University of Washington has produced a study that includes a projection of more than 2,300 deaths a day by mid-January. The total death toll from coronavirus would exceed 389,000 by February 1.

UK is also suffering from the second wave

The UK Ministry of Health reported this Saturday that there has been a slight increase in daily cases of coronavirus after verifying 16,171 infections, compared to 15,650 the day before, and has added another 150 deaths, compared to 136 on Friday . Since the pandemic began, 705,428 coronavirus infections have been registered throughout the country and 43,579 deaths.


The Labor opposition and medical experts ask Boris Johnson for a total closure due to the infections.

In addition, 5,608 people remain hospitalized, of which 592 require mechanical ventilation. Since Friday, another 987 people have been admitted to hospitals. The urgency of the situation puts increasing pressure on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been asked to impose a containment system known as a “short circuit”, in which the Labor opposition and medical experts call for a timely total closure to stop contagions from the root.

This measure is similar to the quarantine of the first wave and has been proposed, above all, by the state of British hospitals, many of which are once again at the limit of their capacities. Johnson, on the other hand, still adheres to his “three-tier” system whereby he prefers to place specific population centers in local quarantine, which has earned him the enmity of local mayors.

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