The United States and North Korea: the day Trump offered Kim Jong-un a ride home on Air Force One

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The Hanoi summit in February 2019 did not achieve the expected results.

Donald Trump’s meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are among the most striking moments of his presidency.

In the BBC produced series called Trump Takes On the World (Trump Conquers the World), under the direction of Tim Stirzaker, we uncovered new details about how those encounters unfolded and spoke with those who were present at those encounters.

What they saw surprised even the most experienced diplomats, especially when Trump offered the North Korean dictator to take him home on Air Force One, the presidential plane of the United States.

Trump’s second summit with Kim Jong-un, held in Hanoi (Vietnam), did not go as planned. When negotiations on North Korea’s nuclear program failed, Trump abruptly left and told reporters: “Sometimes you have to walk.”

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