The untold truth of HGTV’s House Hunters International

Obviously, finding a real estate agent abroad can be a challenge in and of itself, but finding one who also speaks English and is willing to participate in an American TV show is a completely different game. So when HGTV is House Hunters International they can’t find a real estate agent, they improvise. Real-life house hunter Elizabeth Newcamp appeared on House Hunters International, written for Slate that sometimes there isn’t even a real estate agent on the show.

“When they couldn’t find a local realtor, the House Hunters International the producers needed a Dutch person who was willing to stay on camera for $ 500 as a “relocation expert”, “he wrote.” Our neighbor and friend Michael, who actually works in the IT sector, was happy to please him. “So every time you look House Hunters International, just be aware that those people who act like real estate agents may not work in real estate. It’s all the magic of television – and the $ 500 recall, of course.

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