The untold truth of Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson met actor Hayden Christensen when they starred in the 2008 film Sweater. Love blossomed and the couple mated. Although they never married, Bilson and Christensen have been together for nearly a decade and share a daughter.

When the relationship ended in 2017, reports emerged indicating that their division was apparently inevitable. At that time, a source said People there were some fundamental differences in their characters that led to the conflict. “Rachel is very outgoing and her friends are very important to her,” said the source. “Hayden is the opposite. It can be very anti-social.”

As a result, the source said, Christensen “never wanted to join her for special occasions, such as weddings,” forcing Bilson to attend such events alone. The birth of their daughter, the source added, reportedly contributed to her “anxiety problems,” which allegedly “worsened after the baby was born.” The couple are said to “continue conflicts over everyday things,” the source explained, “has become exhausting and almost depressing for Rachel,” who decided to quit.

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