The Vaccine – The New Spain

Then there were no protests. We could not even think of complaining. Of course we were in a dictatorship and there were no social networks. Today we line up again to get vaccinated. The situation is very different and everyone has their say whatever they want. It would be more. There are those who celebrate vaccination as a milestone in their lives. There are those who celebrate the great advance of science and humanity. There are even those who proudly spread the photo of the historical moment in which the ATS sticks the needle in them.

Unfortunately, their joy is obscured by the voices of complainers, always more adept at attracting attention. Protests circulate from those who complain about long lines, waiting, the remoteness or accessibility of the vaccination center. They treat us like cattle, some grunt. They forget that cows, which played such a decisive role in our health that they even gave the vaccine its name, deserve respect.

There are also those who rebel because the SMS of the appointment does not tell them what vaccine they will be given. “I don’t wear the AstraZeneca because it must be worse than Sputnik.” Or “I to those of Brexit or water, you can not trust”. There are those who want a vaccination letter, to be able to choose: “I want Pfizer, look at how Americans put it on and how well they are doing.” Or: “I prefer the Jensen, which in a single dose liquids the subject. The newspapers have a lot to blame for that, because we have the audacity to draw up rankings with vaccines.

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Not to mention the anti-vaccines. No, they are not four crazy people who are determined to live against progress. I know many who, without declaring themselves openly anti-vaccines, say that “they are experimenting with us; that they try it well and when it has one hundred percent effectiveness and no adverse effects, call me. ”They are unaware that the flu vaccine does not exceed 40 percent effectiveness or are unaware of the long list of side effects of paracetamol, which we take as if they were candy.

At the height of cynicism, we have heard people protest because they have begun to be vaccinated by the elderly. “Total for what remains.” And, shamelessly, they offer their own criteria: “They would have to vaccinate young people, who are the ones who sustain the country.” Or “to the adolescents who are in the bottle all day, who are the great contagiers and bring the virus home to us.”

Not to mention the politicians, in a permanent electoral campaign. There are those who, from the opposition, turn on citizens by discrediting those who fight on the front line against the pandemic. There are those who, from the government, presume that we owe them our lives for their effectiveness, as if they had invented the vaccine. Are they not capable of reaching an agreement to exclude everything related to the pandemic from the electoral battle? Even if it were only to instill tranquility in a crisis that if something requires peace.

They should vaccinate us, incidentally, against the chronic complaint pandemic. Even if it was only to heal us in health.

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