The Vanguardia Club offers exclusive benefits to all subscribers

It might seem that the secret of Vanguard Club It is found in the number of advantages and activities it offers, but, in reality, it lies in the quality and exclusivity of its proposals, designed for the enjoyment of all its members. Since its creation in 1992, the subscriber benefits program has become a benchmark in Catalonia due to the exclusivity of its events, at that time focused mainly on culture and leisure. Almost 30 years later, the more than 110,000 members of the Club can enjoy experiences, contests and raffles in many other areas, as well as discounts on prestigious brands in the world of restaurants, travel or fashion. With an offer that focuses on Catalonia and increasingly covers the entire Spanish and international territory.

The Club card allows subscribers to experience such special moments as a free weekend in a luxury hotel, meet their favorite artist, enjoy special menus in restaurants Michelin, walk through the village of Godó Tournament from Barcelona or go to the preview of emblematic films such as Star Wars. With the Club everything is possible. And to this is added being able to participate in contests and raffles, and enjoy benefits from a wide range of sectors and brands. Some of these brands are mythical and have accompanied the Vanguardia Club since its inception, such as Palau de la Música, the National Theater of Catalonia, Chinese O Port aventura; Others have been incorporated into the benefits program, always in continuous renewal, such as Galp, O Uber Eats. And it is that the fundamental objective with which the Club was conceived is that its members can enjoy all its discounts at all times, without exceptions or small print.

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All subscribers to
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they are part of the Vanguardia Club and have a card that identifies them as such; a card that they always have at hand in the Club app. In addition, subscribers can, depending on the modality contracted, request various additional cards so that their family members can also enjoy all the benefits. All subscription modalities, paper and digital, allow access to the Vanguardia Club’s proposals, with which they have at their disposal a universe of discounts and exclusive experiences to live: table in the starry restaurant Les Cols or a trip to your preferred destination. The entire program of benefits and discounts, unique experiences, raffles and contests can be consulted on the web, the Club’s social networks and also in the Club’s free app, which have already been downloaded by more than 50,000 members and has the advantage of presenting all offers in a geolocated way, which allows the subscriber to find the proposals closest to their location or depending on the destination you choose.

And that is why the challenge of The vanguard It is twofold: to offer all its readers truthful, plural and rigorous information, and at the same time offer all its subscribers a wide variety of exclusive benefits that the Vanguardia Club seeks to improve continuously.

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