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Status: 02/23/2021 12:13 p.m.

For several weeks, the artist Ekaterina Moré has been exchanging ideas with other artists in a YouTube format about how to deal with the changes in the art market.

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by Anina Pommerenke

Her works mostly show very beautiful and self-confident women: heavily made up – strong poses. This is also how it presents itself Ekaterina Moré. It’s hard to believe that the artist is actually afraid of the camera. But it is precisely this fear that I want to face now. In the YouTube format “Among artists”, she interviews colleagues – at eye level.

“I noticed that in my own work too,” she says. “Many art historians may see something different in the work of an artist. As an artist, I can ask completely different questions and I have a different relationship to art. Because I also know the background.”

Shirin Donia’s portraits of pop culture rebels

Your interlocutors come from all over the German-speaking area and from very different artistic directions. The Frankfurterin Program Donia works with large formats. In her current series she is dedicated to famous rebels of pop culture: Princess Leia from “Star Wars”, the “Joker” or Nathalie Portmann as a ballet dancer in “Black Swan”. She tries to approach art as freely as possible and not to do what is given, reports the self-taught.

Unconventional childhood as a stamp for art

Which she traces back to her rather unconventional childhood: “At home, it was a bit of a Pippi Longstocking life. We had stairs in the house, and my mom always put mattresses on it. We climbed up and then always slipped down again. ” At times, her mother filled the entire dining room with foil and put litter in there, says Shirin Donia. “Then we lived there with the rabbits for weeks. So that was a bit wild.”

An interesting exchange about life paths and life strategies

Their vernissages are also wild, with a colorful program over several hours: with performing and visual arts, with music, photographers and cameras. She works with a team for three months towards such an event. Their success shows that it can sometimes be worthwhile to break with the tried and tested: “All this self-made – and also to work commercially. For example, I also do commissioned work that doesn’t necessarily represent my art.” These are all things that are not seen so much – because you bring your innermost suffering to the canvas and give it to the gallery owner for a starvation wage. “That wouldn’t have been my way.”

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The French-born artist Ewen Gur, who lives in Berlin, stands for figurative works that are shaped by computer games and comics. He too thinks that being an artist has changed a lot in recent years. “Just paint a picture” – that is no longer enough: “You have to be a bit familiar with marketing and self-marketing. Otherwise you simply cannot survive. You have to be a multi-talent nowadays.”

Exciting not only for artists

Moderator Ekaterina Moré believes that not only other artists benefit from such insights: “Most artists who have been on the art market for a long time have developed good life strategies for dealing with changes.” It is interesting to see how different these life strategies are. Other areas could also benefit from this, says Moré: How does a person who thinks think creatively, and how do they deal with this issue of fear and uncertainty? Their message is: sometimes good things only come about by overcoming your own fears. Your new conversation series is a good example of this.

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