The Vietnam veteran received a new lease agreement with the help of the Peterborough firm

A Vietnam War veteran received a new lease from a Peterborough firm.

Hurley Whitehurst of Peterborough, a Vietnam War veteran at the age of 77, received a new lease agreement thanks to a Top Gear winner mobility scooter from The Mobility Aids Center.

Hurley Whitehurst (77), since March, was a theater nurse and medical technician from the United States Air Force stationed around the world and saw active service in Vietnam. During the 1980s he moved, with his late wife, from California to Suffolk and was stationed at the Lakenheath air base near Brandon.

Hurley found his role in the armed forces fully rewarding and in the most memorable moments of his life. During the Vietnam War Hurley witnessed many horrific injuries while working with the surgeons responsible for “putting the soldiers back together” at the Cam Ranh Bay and Nha Trang bases. His ability to resist difficult situations and his ability to cope with extreme pressures led to a determined determination to remain independent during his future life. However, in recent years his mobility has become limited, hence the need to use a mobility scooter. He chose a TGA breeze from the Peterborough Mobility Aids Center. The scooter won the extreme scooter challenge on BBC Top Gear several years ago.

Without a mobility scooter, Hurley would not be able to access the local community as it is its only form of transport. He is fiercely independent and “hates to ask someone for help” especially because Hurley “likes to keep himself” after the loss of his wife in 1989. After retiring from the military, he continued as a theater nurse for the NHS.

Hurley said: “I never imagined that I could leave medical school not to mention the fact that it could help so many fellow workers. I’m not a hero though. Vietnam will live with me forever; I will never forget the heat and the things I have seen. I hope one day to return to see where I have served. Having to retire early has been difficult for me, since I’ve been in the equation for so long. Without my scooter, life would be even more difficult. I get so many fantastic comments when around, people say “Wow, is that true?!”. I am always patient with pedestrians and say “thank you” with a gesture when they let me pass. “

Hurley now uses his TGA scooter with extra torque and traction to visit the city, park and doctors. Without his children, he spends time enjoying the outdoors independently and continues to be grateful for all the experiences that his aviation career and everyday life have brought him.

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