The viral Twitter thread that compares celebrities who look like the same person, but are not News Spain

Social networks are one of the spaces where all kinds of content fit. Every day we can see a viral action that becomes a trend for a few hours, or several days, thanks to the creativity of many users who take over social networks. The funniest ones usually come from the hand of a Twitter thread, one of the current social networks where more movement occurs throughout the day.

The Twitter thread that has received the most comments in recent days is that of the user @llceliall that has filled the network with funny answers and comments as a result of his first publication a few days ago.

It’s about a thread of famous people who look the same, but they really are not. We may never have associated them together, but the truth is that looking at the photos next to it, they do, on many occasions, seem the same person.

The user began by uploading photos of well-known Spanish people such as television presenters, singers, actors, socialists or even soccer players, whom she compares with others and really have a great resemblance.

The Twitter thread ran like foam and comments from people began to send their comparisons, this time with artists and famous people from different countries, creating a really fun thread for users of the social network.

After several days where users have been adding their ideas, the thread already has more than 45,000 ‘likes’, and more than 11,000 retweets, and it seems that it will have no end for the moment.

Other famous threads

In this field, reasonable resemblances are the order of the day on social media. Long ago the user @That_Car humor account that has more than 63,000 followers, develops a really funny Twitter thread with reasonable similarities taken to the extreme, but with great accuracy in most cases.

Among his most famous successes is the comparison of a contestant of ‘Know and win’ with Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid; that of Lady Gaga with Carmele Marchante; or that of the actor Leonard Nimoy, known for being Mr. Spock on ‘Star Trek’, with Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane.

Reasonable resemblances on Instagram

It is clear that finding reasonable similarities is a hobby that everyone likes, regardless of nationality. This is what the animal photographer Gerrard Gethings must have thought, who bases his work on social networks on finding dog owners who look like their pets.

According to the author himself, he spent a year looking for people who really looked like their pets, making real that saying that “many people look like their dog.” The similarities he achieved with his photographs were astonishing and led him to create a card game where users must identify the owner with their pet: ‘Do You Look Like Your Dog?’.

In addition, on his Instagram profile he also has samples of users with their cats with really amazing results, creating something like a Twitter thread of images of people with their most beloved pets.



The author of Wigan has been gaining fame over recent years thanks to his series of pets with their owners, and has more than 27,000 followers on Instagram.

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