The weather forecast for Monday night in Houston is for cloudy skies and dry weather | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

how good osvaldo because i knowseveral celebrations approach.How severe could he bestep from this front?gasón: inside everything is going tobe an event that duringlate we can be verypending to what I cancome to pass.some parts.which could leave astart on our the storms comego putting more in the cityfrom Luciana they will begin tointensify a little wings.towards the porcón of the county ofliberty chamber, regions tothe east will have the potential tosee some storms.for now it will be relativelyIt’s cloudy over the center ofhouston.just cloudiness.the most important thing during thecourse of this monday is going totemperatures are going toascend to wings of 85 °.the maximum for this afternoonIt should be at 87 or 88 °.this afternoon the heat index92 °.will be the factors thatwe started monitoring as wellday to day.77 ° from night.Tuesday.between 9:00 in the morning atgo ahead let’s startcount on this possible to desevere the houston area ofchamber, orange y luciana.we have the possibility ofsevere weather.most of the stormsThe stronger they will be towardsthe far north.between 10:00 in the morning andsix in the afternoon.tomorrow we have a cloudy day.with the possibility of rain.isolated storms scattered acrosshours in the has rained enoughintensity I think the factoris going to be over areas that haveof rain distributed the endof week.the good thing is that from

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