The weather in Barcelona: what temperatures will be reached?

The storm Filomena has begun to lose steam as it leaves the peninsula. After it comes an anticyclone that will bring a cold wave that will leave frosts in much of the territory.

Spain is preparing to face a historic drop in temperatures, which could even reach 15 degrees below zero.

All the emergency personnel of the administrations involved are working tirelessly to remove the accumulated snow from the streets of the municipalities and main roads, where dangerous ice sheets have begun to form.

Temperatures above 0 degrees

The temperatures that will be reached in Barcelona will not be as extreme as in other parts of the country, but they will be more icy than usual.

The minimum temperatures will touch 0 degrees; however, the highs will reach double digits in the hottest hours of these days.

In Barcelona, ​​two deaths due to the cold wave have to mourn. One of the victims was a homeless person who had recently refused to go to a shelter during the storm.

On the other hand, in the interior of Catalonia there will be mild frosts while in the Catalan Pyrenees they will be of greater intensity.

The frosts will not be so intense in Barcelona

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