Currently, Franken is again showing its best side! Not indifferent to this is the Indian summer and the associated weather. The last days were nice, not too warm, but not too cold either. But what about the weather on the weekend? Here is an overview:

"British weather in Franconia"

The weather stork Stefan Ochs from Franconia announces "British weather" for francs. What sounds negative at first is quite positive for us: A high-altitude migration from the British Isles over Germany, writes the weather expert from Herzogenaurach. "On the eastern flank of the high, on Thursday and Friday with weak westerly winds, individual cloud fields are directed to us, from which occasionally some rain may fall on Thursday."

At the core of the British high

Friday will be mixed with some cloud fields and a few drops of rain, but then it goes up, because: "From Saturday to Monday we are in the core or on the west flank of the high," announces the weather ox. This core is already announcing the start of the weekend. Wetteronline announces for Friday up to 22 degrees for Nuremberg and Coburg.

The weather will be better on Saturday: The forecast predicts a "cloudy day with increasing Aufheiterungen" and maximum temperatures of up to 24 degrees.

The current weather in Franconia – always be up to date!

Sunday will be the best day of the week: all meteorological services announce the sun for CHF. "It is sunny, rain is not falling and the highest temperatures reach 23 to 26 degrees, there is a serene and dry weather," the forecast of the weather-ox.

Despite the warm weather in the morning, we have to adjust to cool nights. Here are the temperatures between five and ten degrees in the region. But at the beginning of the new calendar week we have to bite into the sour apple. According to the weather, the maximum temperatures from next Tuesday are only 17 degrees. "In unfavorable locations, the first ground frosts can occur at night," says Stefan Ochs.