The weekend storm caused losses of US $ 675,000 to ANDE – Nationals

Last weekend’s storm not only destroyed 342 trees in Asunción, but also the coffers of ANDE, which recorded losses of US $ 675,000 in replacement of materials and unbilled energy.

The storm on the 14th and 15th of this month cost a total of G. 4.752 million (equivalent to US $ 675,000) to ANDE, according to the data released yesterday at a press conference.

The director of Distribution of the state company, Eng. Guido Chávez, explained that the cost of labor and the replacement of materials was G. 1,330 million, financed with the institution’s own resources. Meanwhile, due to the energy not billed during the periods of interruption of the service of the electrical networks, they will stop entering the ANDE G. 3,422 million.

Breakdown inventory

The storm caused the shutdown of 137 23,000-volt feeders, supplied through 23 Distribution centers in Asunción and the Metropolitan Region. According to the final report of the Distribution Directorate, 418 poles and 37 transformers suffered damage due to the storm, so the work carried out consisted of the replacement of 418 reinforced concrete poles of various sizes, removal of trees and branches that affected around 3,180 meters of medium-voltage lines, 14,600 meters of low-voltage lines and a change of 96 broken spreaders. A large number of loose cables in low and medium voltage were also repaired, as well as for the normalization of more than a thousand connections to affected homes.

The affected

The 342 trees felled by the storm in Asunción alone, when in contact with the distribution networks, caused serious damage to medium and low voltage conductors, dragging lines and knocking down poles. As a consequence, 400,000 ANDE users were without electricity supply.

In addition, in the downtown area of ​​Asunción, the amount of falling water caused the breakdown of the 13 underground distribution points.

Chávez commented that immediately after the event occurred, the contingency plan for weather events was activated. 150 ANDE crews took to the streets, with the support of contractor companies, who went to the areas affected by the storm, in order to carry out preventive power cuts to isolate the cables and power lines that were knocked down.

In total, some 500 officials from different areas of ANDE participated in the emergency in different shifts and 100 officials from contractor companies, with 100 light trucks, 50 large trucks, with hydroelectric lifts and baskets, and with the support of officials of the Municipality of Asunción who were also in charge of clearing fallen branches and trees.

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