The world exceeds 91 million cases of Covid-19

The Covid-19 cases in the world They reached the figure of 91 million 364 thousand 526 infections this Tuesday, according to the count of Johns Hopkins University.

While the deaths from coronavirus worldwide they reached one million 956 thousand 462.

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U.S it remains the country most affected by the pandemic, with at least 22 million 771 thousand 320 confirmed cases and 379 thousand 365 deaths.

In the list follows India, with 10 million 479 thousand 179 infections and 151 thousand 327 deaths related to the disease.

The third place is occupied by Brazil, with 8 million 131 thousand 612 cases of coronavirus and at least 203 thousand 580 deaths. Followed by Russia, with a figure that rises to 3 million 412 thousand 390. The dead in that country are 61 thousand 908.

UK With 3 million 173 thousand 274 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and just over 83 thousand deaths, it is the fifth country with the most infections. Behind is placed France, with 2 million 864 thousand 297 cases and 68 thousand 393 deaths.

Follow him Turkey that accumulates 2 million 346 thousand infections; Italy with 2 million 303 thousand cases; Spain with 2 million 137 thousand; and Germany with one million 957 thousand infections.

Mexico accumulates one million 541 thousand 633 cases of Covid-19 and 134 thousand 368 deaths, which makes it the thirteenth country with the most infections in the world, but it is the fourth in the list of deaths from the virus with 134 thousand 368 deaths.

Real-time coronavirus map

The college Johns Hopkins of Baltimore, United States, developed a map that allows monitoring cases of coronavirus worldwide in real time.


In order to provide a better understanding of the status of the epidemic, the site shows the regions in which it spread and the number of confirmed cases. It also points out how many deaths the coronavirus has caused, and how many have managed to recover from Covid-19.

The tool collects data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and the Chinese website DXY, among other sources.

The map is not just a resource for the public; on the contrary, the professor at the University Johns Hopkins, Lauren Gardner assured that this tool could be used in the future to study this virus.

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