The world, pending Apple announce that it will use the …

It is not the first time that it has been told, but the truth is that in the technology sector there is a question that floods all the comments: will it enter Apple In the universe Bitcoin?

Be careful, so far the great achievement of cryptocurrency – better to call it virtual currency – has been Tesla. Elon Musk, the style is the man, he is not only willing to operate with bitcoin but to sell cars in exchange for bitcoin … the second is much more important than the first.

I don’t think Apple dares to sell mobile phones in exchange for bitcoin, but it would be enough that, as other firms have done, for example Mastercard, assumed the virtual currency in its treasury, as an instrument of exchange for real currencies. The weight of Apple, even if it is not a central bank, is a lot in terms of ‘economic respectability’ and if cryptocurrencies need something, it is respectability, because they are 100% opaque.

So the economic world is waiting for Apple to announce that it will use Bitcoin … and from there the chaos will begin, of course because bitcoin does not offer any public service, only for the speculator or those who evade the Treasury and because, above all, it has no reference, that is, no one takes charge of its ups and downs, zigzags of value that, strictly speaking, have no other rationale than mathematics. Remember that mathematical thinking represents only the first degree of abstraction of which the human being is capable.

And so, with a bitcoin at $ 50,000, central banks warn of double danger: economic ruin for newbies and money laundering for those in the know. They are more concerned about the second than the first, but they should also be concerned about the first: because the saver’s confidence in the financial markets is also susceptible to collapse.

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