the Xiaomi home automation kit for only 45 euros

In addition to its smartphones and wireless headphones, Xiaomi has a wide variety of gadgets for the home or even a home automation kit. These allow us domotize our home for very little, but above all, simply and quickly.

An example of this is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set, a complete home automation kit that allows us turn our home into a smart home. In addition, it will help us protect our home, either by controlling movement or opening doors and windows.

To be exact, this Xiaomi home automation kit has various security accessories, including a audible and visual alarm that we can manage from our smartphone. From the My Control Hub which is included, we can manage other home accessories with which Xiaomi has.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set has two door and window sensors, as well as two motion sensors. Thanks to these we can control any access to our home, either through the notification on our smartphone or better yet, by completing another action such as turning the lights on or off, starting the air conditioning, etc.

Now the Xiaomi home automation kit from only 45 euros on Amazon.  News Xiaomi Addicts

The best of all is that we can currently get the Xiaomi home automation kit with almost 50% off at Amazon. For just 44.99 euros we can buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set with all its accessories to domotize our home. As it is Amazon, we will have a 2-year warranty and fast shipping from Spain.

And don’t forget that in this article we tell you how to buy from China all the products that Xiaomi has been launching and that will allow you to continue expanding your smart home. Also, if you want control it via Alexa, in this tutorial we explain how.

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