The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 begins to receive MIUI 12 Global (Download) – Xiaomi News

After arriving at the Redmi S2, Xiaomi has begun to deploy MIUI 12 Global Stable to Xiaomi Mi Max 3, a terminal launched in 2018 alongside MIUI 9 so this is probably your last big MIUI update.

In detail, the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 has started to update to the version V12.0.1.0.QEDMIXM, corresponding in this case to the Global version of MIUI ROM and not from the European (EU / EEA) which is expected to arrive in a few days or at the latest in a few weeks.

In addition, this first MIUI 12 approach to the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 comes in the form of Stable BetaIn other words, it is first received by a small group of users and if they do not report any serious failure, in a few days it will be launched for the rest of the users of this device.

To download this update that has a size of 1.9GB you can already do it through this link. And remember, before updating it is convenient to make a backup and have at least 50% battery life.

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