The Xunta presents two reports to the fishing sector on the Brexit agreement

The Xunta de Galicia has presented to the fishing sector two reports on the effects of the Brexit agreement that will guide Galicia’s strategy to face its effects, which the autonomous community considers very negative. The presentation was made within the framework of the plenary session of the Galician Fisheries Council, chaired by the Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana

One of the reports, which refers to the legal implications and was prepared by the Salvador de Madariaga Institute for European Studies, considers that the trade agreement may be subject to judicial control by the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The other document was prepared by the MarInnLeg Foundation and analyzes the impact on fishing activity and in detail the contents of the agreement on fishing, trade in seafood, investment protection and equal conditions in economic maritime-fishing activity. .

These analyzes, indicates the Xunta, will be studied in detail in the working group that was agreed to create within the Galician Fisheries Council to specify the actions to be developed by the Galician community in light of the effects of the Brexit agreement.

Galicia considers the agreement reached on Brexit very negative in the short, medium and long term because, among other aspects, it will mean that the British fleet is not subject to community regulations such as the landing obligation, the Galician government points out.

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