The UK's youngest lottery millionaire hopes that money can buy his love – and wants to pay the right man 60,000 pounds a year to date them.

Euromillions winner Jane Park, 23, offers the money after a series of failed relationships left her with her fortune alone.

She launches a website where guys can apply to be their friend for an annual allowance of £ 60,000 so they can eat and eat them.

A source told how she will film the interview process for a documentary that will air next year.

The source said, "Jane is awesome and has so much to give, but she's been alone again since she won, she's terribly lucky.

"She's never sure if she's loved for herself or for her bank account. She would rather have the arrangement open before her. Jane sometimes tends to be insecure and worried about people's motives. She is ready to pay the right price for someone who is loyal. "

She splattered cars, vacations and cosmetic surgery

Jane teamed up with X Factor finalist Sam Callahan in 2016, but they shared reports of fraud. And her relationship with Jordan Piggott, a teenage footballer, ended in a heartbreak.

She was just 17 years old when she bought £ 1 million on her first ticket. Since then she has sprayed cars, vacations and cosmetic surgery.

Jane launches a website where guys can apply to be their friend for an annual salary of £ 60,000 so they can eat them

It's all a long way from her eight-hour administrative and two-bed council job in Edinburgh, which she shared with her mother prior to her achievement.

But she says life was easier then.

The source added: "Loyalty is the most important thing for them – the money is a small price."

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