The youthful posing of Isabel Preysler for her 70 years and the data of the War of the Fields

Isabel preysler turns 70 this week and, as noted Tamara Falco, who said her mother would end up looking younger than her, remains an icon of elegance. This is demonstrated this Wednesday in a very youthful pose published by the magazine ‘Hello!’ and which is accompanied by a most complete interview in which he talks a little about everything: from his childhood in Manila to the birth of his five children and seven grandchildren.

The socialite shares her most private photo album and talks about her ex-husbands, among which is the famous Julio Iglesias. In addition, it provides one of the secrets to not end badly with ex-partners. “I would say that the best recipe is not to fight over the economic part … When you have children, you have to try to maintain a good relationship above all …”. She also describes the good time that her children are going through. “Tamara is in a very good moment with Íñigo. I see them very happy and very good together. We have dined with them a few times. He is a very nice boy (…). Ana is also happy with Miguel and Mateo; Enrique, with his three children; Chábeli, with Sofía and Alejandro, who is going to university and is very excited … The one who is having the worst time is Julio, because of their separation, but the relationship between them is not bad. They have not had children and that avoids many problems. ”

Julio José Iglesias and Charisse Verhaert, an unexpected separation full of unknowns

Paloma Barrientos

Although Preysler’s birthday draws most of the magazine’s attention, the statements of King Juan Carlos ensuring that it is “perfectly” are also part of the cover.

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‘Readings’ gives the keys to the conflict that they maintain Alejandra Rubio and his aunt, Carmen Borrego, distanced for a long time as they have publicly confessed. From the statements of both on television to the role of Terelu Campos, which tries to mediate, the Campos clan fills several pages with this media battle. Princess Leonor’s school, some photographs of Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend and an interview with Ana María Aldón, who affirms that Ortega Cano is suffering harassment, complete the cover.


In ‘Ten minutes’ we find, in fact, the reaction of Terelu Campos to the conflict. Maria Teresa’s daughter has stated on television that “we must stop” a war that does not benefit them at all. The magazine also offers some images of Canales Rivera running with Isabel, his girlfriend, with whom he has recently reconciled. Eleanor’s school and the second son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle round out this cover.

Ten minutes.

The news about King Juan Carlos in Abu Dhabi, the school of Princess Eleanor and the conflict in the Champs are also on the front page of ‘Week’, that you bet on Irene Rosales as the main protagonist. Kiko Rivera’s partner says, in an extensive interview, that they need “professional help” after their last vital episodes: the death of their parents and the conflict between Kiko and Isabel Pantoja.


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