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Although the presentation of the new Zepp Z will take place this November 17, Xiaomi’s business partner continues showing us small details of this new smartwatch which promises to become one of the most elegant we have ever seen.

Through several videos as advertising teasers, Zepp has shown us a large part of the sports possibilities of this new smartwatch, as well as small reflections of how your design and finishes will be.

As we can see below, the Zepp Z will be a traditional design circular clock, combined with a small crown and several physical buttons. Furthermore, as appreciated, its bezel appears to be made of metal, giving it a fairly premium look.

To all this is added a strap that apparently could be made of leather or some simile. As a result, the combination of both parts makes the Zepp Z become one of the most striking and elegant smartwatches we have ever seen.

In short, the Zepp division of the manufacturer of the Xiaomi Mi Band seems to continue to demonstrate that its product line will go to the most premium market, ditching rugged plastic finishes to make way for premium-finish smartwatches.

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