A major EU player has expressed concern that Britain is wasting its last reprieve for Brexit and is not "spinning again" in time.

Guy Verhofstadt, coordinator of the European Parliament for Brexit, told the European Parliament that the block's decision to grant a delay at the end of October was likely to prolong uncertainty.

He added that the six month extension of Article 50 is "too close to allow for a substantial rethinking of Brexit and, at the same time, too far away to spark action".

Theresa May speaks at a press conference at the headquarters of the Council of the European Union in Brussels

PM: We must leave the EU as soon as possible

"My fear is that with this decision, the pressure to reach a multi-party agreement disappears," Verhofstadt said, citing discussions between Labor and Conservatives to try to find a compromise on Brexit.

"And that both parties, the Conservatives and Labor, are already doing what they have done for months – run to the clock.

"And the proof is that the first decision made by the House of Commons after your decision was to go on vacation."

Verhofstadt said the possibility of both parties being "wiped out" in the May European Parliament elections at the hands of the Nigerian Farage party at Brexit could be an unlikely solution.

"So really, I never thought of saying that in my life here in Parliament, but maybe the only thing that can save us is Nigel Farage now," he said to applause.

Mr Verhofstadt said that his advice to both parties would be to reach an agreement "in the coming days to avoid this impending disaster".

Mr. Farage predicted that his party would "sweep the committee" during the elections.

"Mrs May's ruling party and Mr Corbyn's opposition would not unite to achieve a permanent customs union and effective accession to the single market", he said. added.

An activist waves a combination of EU and EU flags near Parliament in central London on April 10, 2019. - The EU's leading negotiator for Brexit has said Tuesday that the length of any delay in the block's divorce was likely to grant Britain will depend on what Prime Minister Theresa May brings to an urgent summit. (Photo by Tolga AKMEN / AFP) (Photo credit should match TOLGA AKMEN / AFP / Getty Images)

Call for compromise negotiations on Brexit to avoid European elections

At the same time, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, declared that the UK could not be treated as a "second category" member of the EU if it ended up participating in elections .

"One of the consequences of our decision is that the United Kingdom will hold European elections next month," he said.

"We should approach this seriously, as British members of the European Parliament will be here for several months, perhaps longer.

"They will be full members of Parliament, with all their rights and obligations.

"Do not waste that time," says Tusk to Britain

"I am talking about this today because I am strongly opposed to the idea that in this further extension, the United Kingdom should be treated as a second tier Member State.

"No, it is not possible, so I also ask you to reject similar ideas, if they were to be in the House."

Mr Tusk said that the EU had not yielded to the "fear and alarmism" about the possibility that the UK is a breakaway force in the bloc during an extension .

"I know that some fear that the UK wants to disrupt the functioning of the European Union at that time, but the EU-27 has not succumbed to fear and fear .

Nigel Farage launches an evening at Brexit

"In fact, from the very beginning of the Brexit process, the UK is a constructive and responsible EU Member State and we therefore have no reason to believe that this should change."

The President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, also addressed the MEPs, telling them that the EU was "ready" for the possibility that Britain will leave the end of the month of April. October, without any agreement.

But he said Brussels had "nothing to gain" from the "disruption" that would cause in the UK.

Parliament is currently suspended for Easter, but talks between the parties between the government and Labor are expected to continue on Tuesday at an official level.