There are 43 infected with COVID-19 in Miami-Dade public schools

In the nearly 400 public schools in the county, about 345,000 students study and 40,000 employees work. And so far the one with the most cases of infections reported does not exceed six people.

The schools that have been affected to date have activated the protocol created for this purpose. People with symptoms have been tested and sent home. Their contacts, after being informed, must be quarantined in their respective homes, “where they must remain until they receive the approval of the local Health Department authorizing them to return to their respective classrooms,” explained the superintendent of schools in the county Alberto Carvalho.

The MAST Academy model school and Coral Park Elementary, after registering cases of COVID, closed their doors for a day, while they carried out disinfection work, and notified all the people who had contacted the infected students or employees.

In Florida’s 76 school districts there are 4,517 public schools, attended by more than 2,756,944 students, served by 180,442 teachers.

The number of confirmed infections in primary and secondary schools (public and private) throughout the State of the Sun, since the course began until October 10, exceeds 3,200 cases, as reported on its website by the Department of Health from Florida.

In the specific case of Miami-Dade, the State Department of Health confirmed that 118 people have contracted the coronavirus, from September to October 10, in all elementary and secondary schools adding public, private and concerted.

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