The last time we were hoping for a new game from Silent Hills was the now abandoned PT demo, and unfortunately I have to let you down again. The only official "game" of Silent Hills that we know of is a three-page cabinet that is commonly seen in casinos. Yes, there is a new Silent Hill project and it is a slot machine.

(Credit: Konami Gaming, Inc.)

Yahoo Finance reports that Konami Gaming, a casino-flavored Konami subsidiary, is ready to decode, among other things, the "Silent Hill Escape" casino technology, which features exciting scenes, sounds and characters from Konami's acclaimed heritage of the entertainment industry. "

"This case is a remarkable combination of elegant entertainment, premium packaging and comfortable player feel, with an extensive library of original titles," said Tom Jingoli, vice president and chief commercial officer of Konami Gaming.

"This latest cabinet is a first look at the great things Konami has to offer." – Can one of these great things be a new Silent Hill video game? I beg your pardon?

If you're a big fan of Silent Hill as well as a casino visitor, keep an eye out for Las Vegas' Global Gaming Expo (G2E), which takes place between October 15th and 17th. Then say Konami Gaming Silent Hill Escape is completely revealed.

If you've been lucky enough to download PT in 2014 and have not managed to lose it for the past five years, it's by far the next thing we have to offer to a spiritual follower of Silent Hill. And until today, tech savvy people are finding new ways to explore the horrible hidden depths of the demo, like this revealed hack Lisa is always behind you,

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