There will be new ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Star Wars’ video games!

This week it was unveiled Lucasfilm Games, a brand on which the new games dedicated to the licensing of Star Wars e Indiana Jones will appear. Although the news was pleasant, nobody expected the great pair of announcements that, related to this information, would be revealed during the days of yesterday and today.

The first surprise came from Bethesda, who to the pleasant act of many announced that Machinegames, responsible for the games of the franchise Wolfenstein, they are already working on a new game from the favorite archaeologist of many, Indiana Jones.

This was presented through a brief trailer, in which despite not revealing much information such as its release date or consoles or if it will be exclusive to Xbox, it was announced that this game will be a totally new experience, the which will not be based on one of the tapes of Indiana Jones.

After this celebration, this morning, Ubisoft ended up announcing that they are also working on a game together with Lucasfilm Games; However, they will go to a galaxy very, very far away, as this new title will be located in the universe of Star Wars.

The information, once again, although scarce, did reveal that this title will be an open world game, and whose development is carried out by the people of Ubisoft Massive, study behind The Division, and which could arrive in 2023, because the Star Wars license still belongs to Electronic Arts until the mentioned year.


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