These are the candidates to produce Apple’s electric car

After the failure of the negotiations between Apple and Hyundai for the development of the first electric vehicle of the technology, who remains in the way

The conversations would have been frustrated because Hyundai It hoped to play a more leading role in the manufacture of electric vehicles and not be relegated to a supplier role, such as that played by the Chinese company Foxconn with the phones iPhone of Apple.

With the cessation of negotiations in early February 2021, many are the candidates that have emerged in recent days. And these are the main names that are circulating at the moment.


It had already transpired that Apple was in talks with at least six Japanese automakers to sign production and supply contracts.

And although he did not confirm that there are formal negotiations, Makoto Uchida, CEO of the Japanese manufacturer Nissan, suggested that his company is available to partner with Apple to cooperate on the project.

Although there is no definition yet, there are several companies in Apple’s sights to produce its electric vehicle

“We need to take new initiatives, work with companies that are informed, with good experience, through partnerships and collaboration,” said the executive, in statements reproduced by The Wall Street Journal.

Nissan already develops Leaf, one of the most popular production electric vehicles, and it is also working on a crossover based on the IMx prototype.

Another Japanese that could also be at stake is Honda.


A candidate that has also emerged is the group Renault. According to a report by JP Morgan, the French manufacturer wants to reduce the number of cars it makes to focus on quality. And this overproduction could fit the Apple Car.

According to JP Morgan, the company also has an “excellent track record in contract manufacturing and industrial collaboration” and would give Apple “significant flexibility” in deciding the supply chain, one of the obstacles it would have had with Hyundai.

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In addition, it highlights that the alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi it would provide a global manufacturing connection, with a presence in “key regions” such as Europe, China, North America and Latin America.

Although it would be competition for their own developments, automakers are interested in producing Apple's electric car

Although it would be competition for their own developments, automakers are interested in producing Apple’s electric car


Another possible alliance that has begun to ring is with BMW. The German company was the first to implement the function CarKey, which allows you to lock, unlock and operate some cars through an iPhone phone.

BMW would also benefit from other technological advances that Apple develops, which would put them at an advantage with the also Germans of Volkswagen.

According to CNN, the manufacturer can adopt an attitude that, if Apple enters the car business, BMW wants to be its partner rather than a competitor.


Apple could also avoid battles over branding and creative control by hiring a company like the Canadian one. Magna, which already makes cars for companies like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW y Jaguar. Even Magna has developed its own electric vehicle engineering architecture, Digital Trends noted.


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