These are the characteristics, catalog and news with which Disney wants to give adult content to the platform

After a few confusing hours (during a good part of the night from Monday to Tuesday, contents such as ‘The new mutants’ disappeared, and others such as ‘Futurama’ arrived early), the Star catalog has finished landing on Disney +. It has not been a face lift or a content revolution: in fact, on the Disney + home page, Star is listed as one more vertical column of content, along with Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

What Star adds to the Disney + catalog is an extraordinary catalog of films, not strictly current (the eternal complaint of moviegoers, who see their streaming diet condemned to the latest news, with exceptions such as Filmin or FlixOlé), and that sourced from Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Pictures catalogs. To which are added a few news to start this journey with exclusive content.

In the recent presentation of Star to the media, Disney unveiled an ambitious catalog of premieres for Disney + and Star. Without going any further, 800 new films throughout the year from the aforementioned catalogs, plus new productions. What comes today are 250 movies and 40 series, which is already somewhat overwhelming, so what is clear is that this coming year, the streaming war is going to be especially fierce.

The arrival of new material brings with it a price increase: from 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year it goes to 8.99 euros per month or 89.99 per year, which will not have to pay until the summer. So far, we have tested Star and these are some of our first impressions.

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Strict parental controls

Although it is raising some criticism for the frontality with which Disney announces the presence of very strict parental controls, what is clear is that Disney does not want to lose even by accident its throne of absolute queen of family content. Therefore, as soon as you enter Disney + after the arrival of Star, password permissions are required again to be able to view adult content.


Thats not all: a numeric pin can be included to unlock each of the seven profiles that can be created. And each of these can have its own age rating. There is even a specific children’s profile in which descriptions of conflicting content do not appear in the age rating. Of course, if these limitations do not affect you as a user, by starting with content for those over 18 years of age, you will have the entire catalog open.

A few exclusives

Star lands with a few exclusives, coming from channels that do not have a presence in Spain. It is the case of ‘Helstrom’, ‘With love, Victor’ or ‘Solar Opposites’, seen on Hulu in the United States, or ‘Big Sky’, which broadcast ABC, also owned by Disney. They will be broadcast in Spain under the Star Originals label, and with the usual weekly cadence that Marvel series also share. At the moment, also following custom, two chapters of each series are presented to start.

They are not the only exclusives to come. In the aforementioned presentation, Disney promised 50 European productions by 2021. One of them is a co-production with Mediaset, ‘Besos al aire’, with Paco León and Leonor Watling, and which will arrive on the platform in the coming weeks. It is not the only Spanish presence in Star: the film ‘El plan’, starring Antonio de la Torre, Raúl Arévalo and Chema del Barco, and which had a very limited tour in cinemas due to the pandemic.

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An impressive catalog

It is undoubtedly the great asset of the platform: 250 films and 40 series from the last three decades, covering a good number of productions, the vast majority North American, but thanks to the importance of Fox in the past decades, offers a very remarkable variety of films. Of course, there is the most anticipated: the sagas of ‘Alien’ and ‘The Crystal Jungle’, and films like ‘Logan’ or ‘Deadpool’, which was among the last that remained to come to Disney +

Screenshot 2021 02 23 To S 12 01 08
Screenshot 2021 02 23 To S 12 01 08

But there is more: to delve into the Star catalog, Disney has presented a series of categories such as “In the foreground” (novelties), “Animation for adults” (now ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama’ fall into the same category), “Critically acclaimed films” (with plenty of Searchlight, specializing in independent films), “Comedy series”, “Dramatic series”, “Cult classics” and others, as a selection of films ordered by genre.

There are few surprises among what is presented by Disney, and we have already advanced the most notable novelty, ‘Futurama’. A few weeks ago, Disney released the full Star catalog and there’s not much more to add: from ‘Titanic’ to ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, going through ‘Lost’, ‘X Files’ or ’24’. In the coming days we will make a selection of content so that you can start pecking at the abundant catalog.

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Image quality, among the best platforms

Disney + has always been characterized by remarkable image quality, and Star is no exception: most movies can be viewed in 1080p or Full HD, which they simply call HD. An excellent choice for reviewing movies with excellent image quality. In our comparison of different platforms from this point of view, Disney + was the best ranked next to Apple TV +.

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In movies that have been restored to reach an image quality higher than usual, like the sagas of ‘Alien’ or ‘The glass jungle’, we find peaks of 27 Mbps, as our colleagues from Genbeta comment. Contents such as ‘Lost’ or ‘Titanic’ also reach a very high bitrate, although the codec is lower than 4K, remaining in AVC / H.264.

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