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Monotype »Type Trends Report«

3. May 2021

The current Monotype “Type Trends Report 2021” shows what is currently on the mind of the creative design community. The eleven key font design trends can be found in the image gallery in the middle of this report. (Image: Monotype)

The type and font technology specialist Monotype summarizes the most important developments in the field of design and composition in its “Type Trends Report”. The designers of the Monotype Studio identify who drive the current design, shape the branding and occupy the creative community.

Typography: Brands looking for an authentic visual voice

The trends show how mercilessly digitized communication increasingly arouses the longing for something tangible. The Monotype Report presents groundbreaking projects that use typography and technology, utilizing the potential of current display devices and at the same time re-applying the familiar design language of years gone by. He takes a close look at various movements, which is currently one Renaissance in typographic communication. This topic is mainly driven by brands that are looking for an authentic visual voice to meet the new demands of consumers.

So show examples like that Design in Motion-Festival (Agency: Studio Dumbar) as well as that Barcelona Jazz Festival (Agency: Amount) for example, how with a typographic brand design boundaries can be broken, the unexpected can be staged and brands can be given a new dimension through mobile typography. Both designs are suitable for a world in constant motion and, with the help of variable font technology, combine movement with font design – a clear trend to expose previously undiscovered levels of lettering and dynamics.

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Another trend: Virtual becomes reality. Because digital and real communication flow together. Because writing is becoming more and more dynamic and interactive, the interplay of letter shapes and virtual spaces is accelerating. WPP Amsteldok, Pokémon Go, Type in Space and the Design in Motion-Festival are just a few examples of a new presence of writing in virtual spaces – with increasing immersion. The future belongs to innovative font encounters in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and in real rooms.

The logotypes of prove that typography is becoming more human, warmer and more tangible again Wilder Fields, Ochre and Hanayu in the Type Trend Report. Brands of all sizes and colors are just leaving the tidy paths that they once took with geometric sans-serifs and giving their visual brand voice more character with calligraphic moments and organic shapes. More examples of Burger King, Gucci and Hello Fresh show that the past is the future. From the return of the iconic »R« from Star Wars to the attraction of handmade and hand-painted: a nostalgic font aesthetic is here looking for its future. The move to the vintage style with their own logo, a certain informality, deliberate imperfection and lively color climates prove that brands are looking for a more natural and deeper connection with consumers.

The revival of three-dimensional block letters proves another trend: The font wants to be in the center again! Bold and bold letters maximize a brand’s presence in a playful way – a bit retro, but not sentimental. Of Twitch above ACMI, Nike + HORT up to The Dieline: Big letters stand for brand awareness.

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With moderate severity but a defiant commitment to non-design: Fonts in this genre like to lean on Helvetica’s DNA, but appear confident with rough edges. The industries that take advantage of this trend range from pizza brands to publishing products and top chefs to high-end fashion logos. [14618]

You can read the complete »Type Trends Report 2021« HERE Download (after registration) from Monotype. An exciting current one provides a detailed insight into the typographic trends of the year Monotype-Webinar-Video.

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