These are the favorite clubs to win the Premier League season

After an intense season, the Premier League, known as the most competitive soccer league in the world, is approaching its final scheduled for May 23. Currently, 3 teams compete for a clear advantage both in the betting and in the score table.

Today, in the middle of 2021 and after a long hiatus, the leagues have resumed, football betting is more popular than ever and among the favorites among bets to win the Premier League and be the first classified in this league to the UEFA Champions League, it is Manchester City, who has practically all the chances to win thanks to the performance that the team has had in this last period.


Despite the fact that during its history, Manchester United have had a clear advantage, with to date 13 titles, it is Manchester City who has all the cards to winr the league followed by United itself, who are looking to regain their former glory and the Premier League crown, but they surely won’t. During the past season, City finished 18 points behind Liverpool and just 15 points above United, earning them second place.

Manchester City have shown impressive performance reaching incredible marks this season in the league, winning the majority of their matches and becoming the Premier League’s 100-point team. In second place Manchester United is on their heels, albeit with much less success and a clear second place in the league so far.

In third place and with only 1 game lost in their last 5 games, is Leicester City, who have also shown themselves capable of putting up a good fight on the pitch, conquering third place in the league and putting the sights of the teams on themselves. gamblers.

West Ham and Chelsea follow Leicester with quite a considerable performance, but both of them have yet to find a way to the Champions League qualifiers.


The way things are going at this point in the league, Manchester City maintains a very significant advantage, being impossible that at this point someone else will snatch the league cup and the first classification to the Champions League, which is why it is positioned What Premier League favorite among bookmakers. However, it will not be the only English team to participate in the most important league in Europe, since it will be the first 4 teams who will qualify.

The runner-up, a United looking to regain glory, will make it very difficult for Leicester to beat them, so we can predict that they have a good chance of being second on the payroll of English clubs in the Champions League. The third and fourth places are between West Ham and Chelsea and for the Europa League between Chelsea and Liverpool, with Chelsea currently the favorite.

The latter had lost a huge advantage over a tough season. Considered one of the best clubs in Europe, Liverpool is today in a critical situation, to climb positions and regain advantage it would need to win many games and for the other teams to lose several, so it is probably not classified or in the Champions or in the Europa League this year, a hard blow for Jürgen Klopp’s team, which had a good run from previous years.

In any case, apart from the clear advantage of Manchester City, intense competition awaits us for the qualifying places of both European championships. The Premier League remains interesting until the end.



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