these are the favorites of Carlota Casiraghi, Marie Chantal or Letizia

The outfits of queens and princesses They are scrutinized not only by the media, but by their own environment, who expect them to be perfect in each of their official engagements. The ideal dress, a correct hairstyle, impeccable makeup … There are many the details to take into account.

Of course, in stylistic matters, we must not forget the important role of the hands. Royal women are aware that taking care of this part of the body and wearing a good manicure can be the element that puts the finishing touch to their look. For this, their preferences are clear.

The manicures of Carlota Casiraghi. (Getty)

Carlota Casiraghi is, without a doubt, the royal who makes the most of her nails. Although he is a member of the Monegasque royal family, he does not actively participate in all the events organized by the Principality, so he should not follow the strict protocol established when it comes to manicure.

Carolina of Monaco’s daughter she has opted for numerous enamels for her various public appearances -especially those related to the fashion industry- always following the trends. Intense reds, pinks, blues … are some of the colors that he has worn, but he has also opted for gold, glitter and rhinestone details occasionally.

Maxima from Holland and Marie-Chantal. (Getty)

Much more classic are Máxima from Holland and Marie-Chantal. Both regulars to wear an impeccable manicure, they almost always opt for red although, especially at large events, they try to combine their polish with the outfit they are going to wear.

Queen of the Netherlands squanders the same elegance to which he has us accustomed, through his hands. As we mentioned, he does it with vermilion tones, but sometimes he dares with darker colors. The same trend is followed by the wife of the prince of Greece, although opting for the roses and the nude For the day to day.

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Meghan Markle y Kate Middleton. (Getty)

Naturalness is the maxim of Kate Middleton, whom we have rarely seen with painted fingernails. It is well known that the queen Isabel II She is not in favor of women in her family wearing a manicure that goes beyond beige or pastel. Following his advice, the Duchess of Cambridge has not dared to risk and only has opted for vivid shades on rare occasions for her pedicure.

The other side of the coin is the protagonist Meghan Markle, who, precisely, has been criticized several times for the choice of his enamels: darker and, therefore, outside the protocol. Much commented was his appearance at the awards ceremony of the British Fashion Awards de 2018, among other things, because he painted his nails black and, according to the British tabloids at the time, it had been a detail that the grandmother of the prince harry

The hands of Queen Letizia. (Getty)

As for Queen Letizia, her style is quite similar to that of Kate Middleton. From her beginnings as Princess of Asturias to the present day, she has preferred to do without enamels and color on her nails, trying to be as natural as possible. An option that is as legal as it is correct, since, by not risking, it has no chance of failing.

Yes, far from divert attention from your handsIn some of her commitments, Letizia has not hesitated to adorn them with striking rings or bracelets; And the fact is that, although he prefers to wear his nails unpainted, he does not stop taking care of them and in sight they seem strong and healthy.

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