These are the new works that will affect mobility in Barcelona in the coming days

The Barcelona City Council has warned that From this Monday there will be mobility effects due to different works to improve public space and infrastructure in various parts of the city, in some cases main roads. For this reason, he asks citizens “planning trips and anticipating additional travel time. “

The objective of the interventions is “move towards a more sustainable, safe and healthy city”, promoting travel on foot, by public transport or by bicycle. The Works and Mobility Committee has worked to minimize the effects and the Guardia Urbana will make the corresponding detours.

The consistory recommends to those citizens who move in a private vehicle that, as far as possible, avoid moving around the environments where the works are being carried out and that they use alternative itineraries. It is also recommended to plan your trips in advance and allow additional time for your trips, as well as inform yourself in advance of the effects through the municipal communication channels.

The Diagonal collector

According to a statement from the city council today Saturday, the most important damage will begin on Monday afternoon with the cutting of the central road of Avenida Diagonal –from Calle Roger de Llúria to Aragó– to expand the collector located in this area. The purpose is adaptar the sewer system to the effects of climate change. The alternative routes to Diagonal will basically be Calle de Aragó or Mallorca, for vehicles traveling in the Llobregat direction. Those who travel in the Besòs direction, from the central trunk of the Diagonal, will necessarily be diverted by Rosselló street and those who enter the Diagonal from the side, from the Passeig de Gràcia, will have to go down Pau Claris to look for the València street.

While the works last, Paseo de Sant Joan will lose its continuity at the height of Plaça de Jacint Verdaguer (sea-mountain connection) and therefore other alternative routes must also be used. The transversal roads that crosses the Diagonal will remain open, with some effects at specific times and the mountain side will continue as it currently is, reports the city council.

The same source highlights that access to fords and emergency vehicles will be guaranteed at all times. On the other hand, and in relation to the circulation of buses, the works will involve the cancellation of 6 stops and will affect eight lines, six from TMB (6, 33, 34, V19, D50 and 19) and 2 from Tugsal (N1 and N4), which will have to modify their route. To cover the service, three new stops will be created and existing stops will also be used.

The improvement tasks will be carried out from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will last 14 months. The most important road occupation will last until July 2021, from here on, traffic will gradually reopen on some of the affected roads.

In the heart of Barcelona

The the same day The main works will begin in the round Universitat, whose objective is to gain sidewalks and green space and to reduce the current traffic lanes from four to two. The intervention aims to facilitate walking and commercial life. It will be carried out in two phases, first it will work on the sea side and after parties, on the mountain side. The works will be carried out mainly during the week and during the day, although there will also be activity on weekends and at night. At times of maximum impact, the works will involve the occupancy of four traffic lanes, two per side.

To guarantee mobility, the width of the current lanes will be redistributed to always keep at least two traffic lanes and one bus lane in service. The action is expected to end in March 2021.

Improvements in the bus network

This weekend The expansion works of the bus lanes of the central section of Diagonal will be completed, between Francesc Macià and Roger de Llúria. The tasks involved changing the current section from six to five traffic lanes (one bus lane and two traffic lanes in the Llobregat direction, and a bus lane and one in the Besòs direction). The works will force cut the Besòs sense of the central trunk, between Francesc Macià square and Passeig de Gracia, this Sunday morning until 3:00 p.m., keeping the Llobregat direction operational. From that time on, the passage will be opened from Francesc Macià and work will be done on the mountain side of the road, maintaining a traffic lane in the Llobregat direction, between Passeig de Gràcia and Francesc Macià.

On Monday 23 also on Avenida Diagonal, between Pius XII and Zona Universitaria, a second city exit bus lane is implemented, replacing a traffic lane, which allows non-stop buses to advance to those that are stopped. The performance will end on Wednesday 25 and the work will be carried out in night time, affecting two lanes of traffic.

Later, As of November 30, work will begin on Avenida de Esplugues, between the roundabout of the Rosaleda in Cervantes Park and González Tablas street, to create a new bus lane entering the city, replacing a traffic lane. The intervention is scheduled to last until December 3. The tasks will be done during the daytime and will involve the elimination of a traffic lane.

The creation of a second bus lane in the central trunk of Gran Via (between Passeig de Gràcia and Marina) has already ended. And in the coming days the works to improve the access of the buses to the Nord station will finish and those of Sant Andreu Arenal will begin.

New bike lanes in Aragó and the free zone walk

In parallel, this weekend the work continues to implement a bike lane in the direction of Llobregat on Calle de Aragó, between Meridiana and calle de Tarragona. It will be 4.8 kilometers long and means eliminating one traffic lane throughout its entire route. The works will last until the middle of January.

It works in parallel in two sections: Pau Claris-Meridiana and Tarragona-Pau Claris, mainly during the weekends during the day (occupying two traffic lanes) and during the week, at night (occupying three traffic lanes).

The creation of a new bike lane on the Paseo de la Zona Franca, between Plaza Cerdà and Carrer de Motors. On this road, two new sections of one-way bike lanes are enabled on both sides, adding 3.6 new kilometers of cycling infrastructure and eliminating two traffic lanes, one in each direction. Tasks are carried out during the week during the day (occupying one lane in each direction), but also on weekends (occupying two lanes in each direction), with some very specific intervention at night. The municipal forecast is to finish the works in January.

Paving the Ronda Litoral

By last, this weekend paving work is taking place of a section of the Ronda Litoral (B-10) that involves road problems, with traffic cuts at exit 22 (Barceloneta) and until junction 21 (Paral·lel), in the Llobregat direction, and from the exit 21 (Ciutat Vella) until the incorporation 22 (Barceloneta), in the Besòs direction.

For inform the population, Posters have been hung in the areas of works, in addition to the stops and inside the buses in relation to the effects of longer duration. From Monday, informants will be deployed to the central section of Avenida Diagonal to notify bus users of changes to the stops for the collector works. The effects will be disseminated via social networks and through the media, and drivers will also be notified through variable information panels located throughout the city.. The details of the actions can be consulted on the works website ( and road effects on the mobility website ( and the TMB website (


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