These earrings are also wireless headphones: How do they work?

Wireless headphones have become an essential technological device today. So much so that companies like Xiaomi have decided to eliminate the jack port of their latest smartphones as a great bet for this phenomenon.

And how could it not be so? They are comfortable, they sound good, they hardly take up space and the democratization of these devices has significantly reduced their price.

Now, A company has decided to go further in the design of this type of headphones and has designed ones with the shape of a slope. The helmets in question are called Nova h1 Earrings and they are the first in the world to be fastened with a clip or through the ear hole, so it is not necessary to insert it into the ear in the style of the in-ear.

At first glance they seem like another accessory, they are available in both gold and silver and crowned by a real pearl. They weigh 7 grams each and work through Bluetooth, in the same way as a normal wireless headset.

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The developers have applied their own technology, Directional Sound Technology, which allows the bead itself to transmit audio directionally through the pinna, which bounces inside the ear canal to hear it. In addition, its external situation allows the user to be aware of what is happening around him.

According to Nova, privacy is total, since no one will hear what you are hearing through these headphones or know that you are using headphones.

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Once located, the devices will allow you to perform the usual functions: listen to music, receive or make calls, since they have a built-in microphone, use the virtual assistant …

Regarding autonomy, according to the creators themselves, it reaches 4 hours of use and can be recharged up to 5 times in the case, which adds up to about 20 hours.

The developers have announced that the pending cost 295 euros in KickStarter, where they had uploaded the project to obtain financing, which they have already obtained. In total, they have managed to reach the target of 42,000 euros that they requested, so it is expected that they will start marketing them in September.

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