It is good news for pub lovers in Nottinghamshire as the district's top five pubs have been voted the best in the country in the latest edition of the AA Pub Guide.

The 21st edition of the guide covers more than 2,000 traditional pubs in England, Scotland and Wales and rates each house for its food, drink and atmosphere.

The top 500 are classified as "Pubs Selection". Five pubs from Nottingham have earned their place in this category.

The famous trip from Ye Olde to Jerusalem made it to the list and is the only pub in the city that made it into the top 500 of the Guide. The pub is famous for its age, its selection of local beers and its cavernous interior. He is one of the most famous and oldest in the country.

Caunton Beck
Caunton Beck

Nottinghamshire's restaurant of the year, The Martin's Arms at Colston Bassett, has been another historic venue for eight years, making it into the top five. A combination of good food and antique furniture creates a unique atmosphere in a rural corner of the county.

The Full Moon Inn is a pub set in an idyllic 18th-century cottage building just a few minutes' walk from the River Trent in the small village of Morton. It combines classics and restaurant-style food and drinks.

Farndon Boathouse offers outdoor seating.
Farndon Boathouse offers outdoor seating.

Overlooking the River Trent, the Farndon Boathouse offers more contemporary access to the traditional pub with a selection of wines, draft beers and modern British cuisine in a trendy, industrial setting.

Last but not least, Caunton Beck makes the list one of the most popular pubs due to its varied pan-European menu, country setting and regular events.

Reviews and recommendations for all of Nottinghamshire's traditional pubs, including the top five on this list, can be found in the guide published today (July 1).