They arrested a drug gang made up of Boca bars and kidnapped 60 kilos of drugs and an arsenal – Télam

They arrest a drug gang made up of Boca bars and kidnap 60 kilos of drugs and an arsenal

Six men, among them some barrabravas from Boca Juniors and municipal employees, were arrested with almost 50 kilos of marijuana, 10 of cocaine and an arsenal that included a machine gun, accused of being part of a narcocriminal organization dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of drugs in the Buenos Aires suburbs, police sources reported today.

The operation, baptized “Camarn” because of the way in which the narcos refer to drugs in telephone interventions, fIt was carried out by members of the Federal Operations Division of the Superintendency of Dangerous Drugs of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA) in a series of nine raids in the San Miguel district and in three localities of Malvinas Argentinas: Grand Bourg, Villa de Mayo and Engineer Adolfo Sourdeaux.

The Minister of National Security, Sabina Frederic, assured on Monday morning in a press conference held in the Central Department of the PFA that “an intermediate link in a chain of drug trafficking in Greater Buenos Aires was disrupted.”

“This Operation Camarn is one of several that, during our administration, have been marking the work on which we emphasize and that we have indicated and oriented to the Federal Security Forces: the criminal investigation.”

In the proceedings, the police detained six defendants, most of them “second lines of the Boca Juniors bar and municipal employees.”, revealed to Tlam a police spokesman.

The investigation

The investigations seized 64 marijuana bricks weighing approximately 47 kilos; nine cocaine bricks weighing 10 kilos – five of them packaged with the logo of the Spanish club Barcelona – and more than 1,100 doses of the same drug, ready for marketing.

But, in addition, an arsenal that included a machine gun, a gas grenade, six pistols, three revolvers, ammunition of various calibers and a silencer was seized.

Also The officers found five vehicles, two handcuffs, a bill counting machine, two precision scales, 11,255 dollars and 1,675,510 pesos in cash, 15 cell phones, a notebook and three pen drives, among other items of interest to the cause.

The investigation arose as a result of a procedure carried out by the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires in 2018, when a large quantity of marijuana was seized from the interior of a truck.

Subsequently, Federal Court 2 of San Martín, in charge of Judge Alicia Vence and Secretary Leonardo Garca, ordered the federal troops to continue with the investigations.

Consequently, the uniformed men carried out rigorous field tasks for several months, thus documenting the activities of the gang that used heavy-caliber weapons to guard the drugs, and the raids that culminated in the drug seizure and these new arrests were ordered.

Along with Frederic, the Secretary of Security, Eduardo Villalba; the deputy chief of the PFA, General Commissioner Osvaldo Mato; and the superintendent of Dangerous Drugs of the force, General Commissioner Ins Cecilia Martnez.

“As Minister Frederic said, a criminal investigation and joint work with courts and prosecutors is essential. The road is longer, but the results are more important by attacking the main distribution chains and obtaining information to be able to continue working towards the upper and lateral branches of these criminal organizations ”, added Secretary Villalba at the conference.

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