They arrested a drug gang made up of Boca bars: they kidnapped an arsenal and 60 kilos of drugs

A drug gang made up of Boca gang members and some municipal employees was arrested with almost 50 kilos of marijuana, 10 of cocaine and an arsenal that included a machine gun. They are accused of being part of an organization dedicated to the distribution and commercialization of drugs in the suburbs of Bonarense.

The operation, dubbed “Camarón” because of the way in which the drug traffickers referred to the drug in telephone interventions, was carried out by members of the Federal Operations Division of the Superintendency of Dangerous Drugs of the Argentine Federal Police, according to the Telam statement. A total of nine raids were carried out in San Miguel and in three localities in Malvinas Argentinas.

In the proceedings, six defendants were arrested, most of them “Second lines of the Boca Juniors barrabrava and municipal employees”. During the investigations, 64 marijuana bricks, nine cocaine bricks and more than 1,100 doses of the same drug were seized, ready to be marketed.

In addition, an arsenal that included a machine gun, a gas grenade, six pistols, three revolvers, ammunition of various calibers and a silencer, was seized. Five vehicles, two handcuffs, a banknote counting machine, two precision balances, US $ 11,255 and $ 1,675,510 were also found. Besides, 15 cell phones, a notebook and three USB sticks.

The investigation arose as a result of a procedure carried out by the Police of the Province of Buenos Aires in 2018, when a large quantity of marijuana was seized from the interior of a truck. Subsequently, Federal Court 2 of San Martín, headed by Judge Alicia Vence and Secretary Leonardo García, ordered the federal troops to continue with the investigations.

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