They catch a wallabi kangaroo in the streets of Barcelona

The inhabitants of municipality of Roda de Ter (Barcelona) were surprised this Friday by their new neighbor, a small wallabi kangaroo that he roamed freely on the street and that came to hinder the traffic of the town.

Around 8:30, the Rural Agents Corps and the emergency telephone number 112 received several calls alerting to the presence of the animal. Immediately, agents of the Urban Guard of Roda de Ter and Rural Agents traveled to the place and they found the animal under a car. Finally, they managed to catch him with the collaboration of the neighbors.

It belonged to some carriers

Once captured, the agents proceeded to identify the owner of the animal. Initially, the Guardia Urbana attributed the property to resident of the municipality who has a show business and dressage of horses, but the man assured that the wallabi it wasn’t his. In the end, it was discovered that the kangaroo a truck carrying horses had fled to a farm near the municipality.

The rural agents found that the carriers, who were not of Spanish nationality, belong to a German transport company and they had the delivery planned and notified. For his part, the owner of the farm assured that the wallabi got out of the truck and belongs to the carriers, who recovered it after its capture. However, the agents continue to investigate the facts to clarify the origin of the animal and verify that it has the correct documentation.

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