They complain about bad odors emitted by the storm drains in Jalpa

JALPA.- The storm mouth located on the corner of the streets November 20 and Juárez it emits bad odors, causing discomfort to passers-by who circulate in the area.

On Jalpa there are multiple storm drains, whose function ands carry rainwater into the general drainage network and with it avoid flooding or damage to homes or commercial establishments.

These types of drains lead the excess rainwater exclusively, so the directors of the Municipal Drinking Water System appeal mainly to merchants to do not deposit water on them.

They have reported that the problem of drain water to the storm drains is that while there is not much water as when it rains, this is watertight and decomposes causing foul odors.

One of the storm drains that causes the most problems is the one located on the street November 20, because in this the water with which is poured wash the taco carts installed in the area; generally that water carries grease and dirt, which causes bad odors.

The people of Jalp ask that the storm drains wash them more often and watch that do not pour water on them to these spaces, because the odors that emanate from them when the water decomposes can become nauseating.

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