They denounce two other LGTBIphobic attacks in Madrid and Barcelona

Entities in favor of people’s rights LGTBI they have denounced three assaults throughout this weekend. The first of them occurred at dawn on Friday in Barcelona and was perpetrated against a trans girl who had just left her home. Today, the Observatori Contra l’Homofòbia (OCH) has denounced a new attack, this time against a gay guy who was allegedly beaten for his sexual condition on Saturday in the metro of Urquinaona from Barcelona. Also this Sunday another aggression has been made known, that of a trans girl 27-year-old who had been the victim of a “brutal beating” by two individuals in the Madrid center.

The Observatory against Homophobia (OCH) has warned of the homophobic aggression at metro from University the city and has already implemented the protocols to address the case. The young man has explained what happened on Twitter and has detailed that he himself has made the facts known to the OCH and will process the relevant complaint.

The young man attacked in Urquinaona

It is not the aggression itself, but “the fear that generates you being who you are”

After the attack, the young man claims that he said nothing and intended to leave. “The man then gave me a direct kick to the knee but I half dodged it and he hit me on the side of the leg, otherwise my knee would already be broken. The thing is that it is not so much the host that they can give you but the fear that generates you being who you are, ”he said.

In a message published on the same network, the entity has condemned the events and has asked to activate effective mechanisms against LGTBIphobia to prevent more attacks like these. In another tweet, the Barcelona City Council has also condemned the events, has made itself available to the victim and recalled that attacks of this type can be reported to the Office for Non-discrimination, the Barcelona LGTBI Center and the OCH.

Another transphobic assault

The trans girl attacked in Madrid denounces that they gave her “kicks and punches” and attacked her “with a sharp object in the back”

The center of Madrid has also been the scene of another LGTBIphobic assault on a 27-year-old trans girl from Paraguay. “Last Thursday, November 20, the victim was together with a friend when two individuals, with the excuse of asking for a cigarette, approached them, at which point one of them, without a word, touched him on the the chest and legs ”, as stated in the complaint filed by the young woman in the Madrid-Center office of the General Directorate of the National Police and according to the report of injuries to which EFE has had access.

“The young women fled, trying to get away from the aggressors, when one of them caught up with them and grabbed the victim by the hair, hitting her on the head and throwing her to the ground, kicking and punching her and attacking her with a sharp object in the back” , adds the account of the victim, who is already receiving psychological support and being cared for by the LGTBI Service of the Community of Madrid.

This Friday another young trans woman denounced a brutal beating in Barcelona

These two complaints come after this Friday a transsexual girl denounces having been “brutally attacked” when leaving his house in Barcelona. The victim released two images showing the injuries after receiving two punches in the face and several kicks throughout the body while being booed and insulted.

Eva, the young trans woman who has been brutally attacked in Barcelona (Assigned | @evacastt)

“I am a normal 19-year-old girl, I am a transsexual, yes, but that does not make me less normal, it does not make me a monstrosity, it does not make me less, I have the right to go out, I have the right to do with my networks social what I want and I have all the rights that everyone should have ”, he denounced.

Also in his case, the OCH condemned the events, as well as the Barcelona City Council, and the Mossos d’Esquadra, coordinated with the Barcelona Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, have opened proceedings to investigate the attack and identify the aggressors.

The Trans Platform warns of the escalation of attacks “which is reinforced by hate speech that goes unpunished”

The Trans platform has shown “great concern” in the face of this escalation of aggression towards trans people and specifically towards women, “which is already reinforced by hate speech that, with impunity, is proliferating on social networks and that events that have taken place in recent days show that these speeches are the prelude to attacks ”.

The entity requests an “emergency” meeting with the Minister of Equality and the Minister of the Interior “to address this serious situation that must be put to a stop with the tools that the rule of law itself has, so that it does not become converted. aggression towards trans women is something common ”.

“We cannot allow the freedom and respect achieved to be lost due to this wave of hatred and intolerance,” the president of the Trans platform federation, Mar Cambrollé, told Efe, who has once again insisted on the need to approve “as soon as possible “The trans state law,” so that all the discrimination we suffer is addressed in a comprehensive manner.

There is no right that in the XXI century we have to live with the same fear as in the Franco dictatorship. The extreme right and the hate speech that proliferates with impunity on social networks cannot make us lose what we have gained. We have to put a stop to all this and do it legally ”, concluded Cambrollé.

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