They deny British nationality to Meghan Markle: the reasons for this new setback for the actress

Bad news for Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex applied for British citizenship after her wedding to Prince Harry on May 19, 2018 and, more than a year and a half after that time, the UK Home Office has rejected her request for failure to comply with the rules. .

According to the Daily Mail account, the exam should have limited the number of days he spent outside the UK to less than 270, within three years of applying for citizenship. By moving to London in November 2017, the regulations indicate that she would have to have remained in the country continuously until October 2020, something that Meghan did not do, since she left British lands at the beginning of the year.

Currently, Meghan and Harry are installed with their son Archie in a mansion worth more than 13 million euros, located in the exclusive Montecito neighborhood, in Santa Bárbara (California). They have no intention of returning to the UK, even though Markle did wish to have British nationality.

In the remote event that Meghan divorces Harry and obtains custody of her son Archie, she could live on British lands during the child’s minority as the mother of a Briton by birth.

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