They find arsenal, silencers and telescopic sights in the province of Herrera

An arsenal with firearms and pellets, as well as a large amount of ammunition, were found in operations carried out in two districts of the province of Herrera, yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, by the National Police and the Public Ministry.

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It was reported that in both operations, which are not related, three people were apprehended.

Of the detainees, one person is from the area and two presumably residing in the Arraiján sector, province of Panama Oeste.

Through these operations, in the sector known as La Dormidera, in the town of Monagrillo, district of Chitré, A total of 7 weapons were found in the possession of a man, of which 4 are shotguns and 3 pistols.

The citizen also kept automatic silencers, telescopic sights, as well as a total of 22 pellet weapons. and a large quantity of ammunition of various calibers.

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In another operation, in the district of Santa María, two people were apprehended when a 9mm pistol was found in his possession.

The head of the sixth police station in Herrera, Commissioner Ceferino Villarreal indicated that it was a police intelligence operation.

The diligence was carried out in coordination with other entities, including the Circuit Prosecutor’s Office, the General Directorate of Customs and police units, Villarreal said.

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“We are not going to give up, we are going to continue in the streets fighting crime. We are going to continue giving battle to all those citizens who decide to go down the path of bad living, ”said the police chief in the Herrera region.

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It was reported that the three apprehended will be placed under the orders of the Court of Guarantees to legalize their arrest and formulate charges, so that they can be held accountable for these findings.


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