They find Star Wars objects worth half a million dollars in garbage bags

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM.- A British couple can be thankful for their lucky stars. A neighbor left them in a garage a pile of garbage bags that contained a real treasure in toys of Star Wars (Star Wars) worth £ 400,000 (over half a million dollars).

The couple, who live in Stourbridge in central England, did not know very well what to do with this many dolls and spaceships that their neighbor had collected over the years, according to The Times newspaper this Friday.

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It was his son who had the idea of ​​calling an auction house to estimate the value of those junk, including pieces that were still in the original boxes.

“Some were slightly damp, due to the way they were stored but it is the most beautiful collection of Star Wars objects I have ever seen,” Aston’s Auctionneers expert Chris Aston told the British newspaper.

“We have received expressions of interest from all over the world and we were confident that the sale would be a success,” he added.

Among the items for sale was a commander of Star Destroyer, one of the ships of the Galactic Empire’s fleet – one of only two known specimens in its original packaging – that sold for 32,500 pounds (more than 36,000 euros, $ 42,000).

A figurine of Jawa, the little hooded beings with bright eyes, in its original packaging – one of only 10 known specimens – found a buyer for 27,280 pounds (more than $ 35,000).

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As for the group of eight figurines inspired by the movie “Return of the Jedi”, which cost the collector less than two dollars in the early 1980s, they sold for 1,400 pounds.
Objects such as the Storm Trooper helmet, the fantasies of the Empire, the eye of the little robot R2D2 that has participated in all nine films of one of the most famous cinematic sagas in the world, attract collectors willing to pay anything to acquire a piece of this universe.

A figurine of Luke Skywalker, which was marketed as a children’s toy in 1978, was sold in 2015 at an auction organized by Sotheby’s and eBay for $ 25,000 (more than 21,000 euros).

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According to Aston, the couple was “delighted” with their luck: “I don’t know if they had an idea in their head but they must have the same feeling as if they had won the lottery.”


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