They investigate notice about planning an attack – El Ancasti

In the last hours it was reported that an anonymous notice was received at the Argentine embassy located in the United Kingdom, which triggered an investigation into the potential attempt to enter a shipment of ammonium nitrate through the northern border, an element that can be used for the manufacture of explosives.

The alert reached the social networks of the Argentine representation in London and the Foreign Ministry gave this information to the Ministry of National Security to verify the veracity of that information.

Official sources assured that the Antiterrorist Unit of the Federal Police works with that report in an attempt to identify the person indicated by the anonymous.

To carry out this work, a case was opened in federal court No. 6 of Posadas, since the data indicated that the alleged entry of this dangerous material would take place through the international bridge that connects that city with the Paraguayan town of Encarnacin.

Due to the fact that the anonymous alert notified about the alleged preparation of an attack against the Jewish community in Argentina, officials of the Ministry of Security informed the DAIA authorities of this information.

In dialogue with the AJNEl agency, the president of DAIA, Jorge Knoblovits, stated that the institution he directs was already informed and was aware of the fact.

The criminal intelligence work would not have yet confirmed the authenticity of the data received by the diplomatic delegation in London, but vigilance remains on potential entry of dangerous material concealed in other types of cargo. For this reason, the control of cargo vehicles in that area of ​​the border will be strengthened through scanning with scanners.

According to the portal, in consultations with Paraguayan judicial authorities that work on complex crime issues, they assured that they have no investigations underway regarding the report received by their Argentine colleagues.

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