They locate trace of supernovae in the trees; would cause alternations to the weather

New research indicates that there are traces of supernovas in the rings of trees, which may have caused some kind of alteration in the weather from Earth.

Supernovae, a type of event that occurs in the universe suddenly and violently, happen when a star it reaches the end of its main sequence and explodes as a supernova and emits a glow greater than that of a galaxy.

The study published in the International Journal of Astrobiology points out that at least four superovas have altered the Earth’s climate in the last 40,000 years.

This research has been possible thanks to the records of the paleoenvironmental history of the Earth during the late Quaternary.

Tree ring analysis

Currently, different analyzes have been made as ice cores and speleothems, for which tree rings from the last thousands of years have been used.

This kind of analysis in the tree rings is called dendrology and with these it is possible to know the approximate age of the tree, as well as the growth conditions of this.

In addition, they allow us analyze the past climate of our planet, making it possible to locate the traces of supernova radiation and its influence on the Earth’s climate.


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