They met in Barcelona and left the mainland to live on a 40 foot sailboat: “Having a boat in Argentina is only for millionaires”

The first voyage was made on a 30 foot sailboat, austere and refurbished

“In the sea life is different. It is not made of hours, but of moments. It is lived according to the currents, the tides, following the sun”, wrote author Sandy Gingras.

That is what the Argentine couple Agustina Basaldua (31) and Delfín Cambiasso (32) verified. She a psychologist, he an industrial engineer, They met on land, in Barcelona, ​​but shortly after walking together they fell in love with life on the high seas.

They have been living aboard a 40-foot sailboat called Now. A disruptive, yet fascinating life change process. “The further we are from earth, the happier we are”, match.

Agustina and Delfín changed the mainland for living on a sailboat called Now in the Mediterranean

Agustina and Delfín changed the mainland for living on a sailboat called Now in the Mediterranean

Delfín -who lived all his life in Boulogne, Buenos Aires province- studied industrial engineering but, he lists, “I did everything: I worked in the commercial area of ​​a company, in logistics and even launched a brand of backpacks”. Five years ago he decided to leave Argentina in search of new opportunities, and in full exploration of an activity in which to develop he discovered the world of navigation. “I left the Azores Islands, in Portugal, on a 20-day travel plan, and I experienced the full state of happiness, I fell in love with simplicity “, complete

In contrast, Agustina had no plans to move. He was on vacation in Europe, he passed through Barcelona and there he met Delfin. The crush was immediate. And love was followed by an invitation: he proposed to cross the Atlantic in a sailboat. “Not many times in life do you have such an opportunity, I did not hesitate and we embarked,” she points out..

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“La nena” was the name of the sailboat with which they crossed the Atlantic Ocean

Nothing was easy or as bearable as the wind. “In the ocean you are alone, there are no mechanics, no assistance, no one to give you a hand if a mishap arises. The body is always on edge You have to leave very prepared, and know how to do everything: from sewing the sail to fixing the engine. At the same time it is fascinating, you start to have a simple, light way of life, full of natural stimuli, with a total disconnection from annoying noise ”, they both agree after that trip -for her a baptism of the high seas- that lasted a year and united Europe with the American continent.

In that period, which lasted almost two years, they spent 25 days sailing non-stop to reach the Caribbean. In total they visited 15 countries, countless cities and ports and remote places that can only be accessed from the sea. Most unusual was a close encounter with orcas. “It is common to see them go around, even crash the sailboat … luckily nothing happened,” said Agustina.

The interior of Now: “it’s our little house”, they say

For Agustina, dizziness and confinement – the room in her previous floating home was 7 square meters – were also difficult to overcome: “It is an ambivalent feeling, because at the same time you look around you and the immensity of the water gives you a unique feeling of freedom ”.

“What was gratifying, in addition to the direct connection with nature, was meeting people, places, landscapes and being in direct harmony with one’s deepest thoughts,” completes Delfín.

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They used their savings to pay for the trip. For the boat they paid around 10,000 euros, and the rest of the expenses were food and some arrangement. “There is not much else, the largest percentage of the budget goes to feeding you. Do you know how much we spend on diesel in that travel time? About 50 liters ”.

In September 2020 they got married in Barcelona, ​​and they celebrated on the sailboat with 20 friends.  Then they danced on the beach

In September 2020 they got married in Barcelona, ​​and they celebrated on the sailboat with 20 friends. Then they danced on the beach


Once that dream of crossing the Atlantic was fulfilled, the couple decided to return to Barcelona. Soon the pandemic arrived, but convinced of this lifestyle, they decided to work from what they love the most. “We bought a 40 foot 1987 model boat with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. we call Now”, Delfin detailed.

This time, it was different, they chose to work. “We offer one-week crossings services through the islands of Spain, Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza. The stays are priced at 600 euros per week, with the three meals included, activities such as kayaking, kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding and snorkelling. We anchor in each port and approach the beach by boat ”.

Navigating through Fomentera with clients

Navigating through Fomentera with clients

Argentines who wish to emigrate

They are clear they did not leave the country due to their socio-economic situation, but for this life project. However, they are aware of the number of friends, acquaintances and strangers who ask them how to live in Spain. “There is a growing desire to come and try your luck. I’m not saying it’s easy but there are fewer obstacles. A clear example is what we did, in Argentina having a sailboat is only for millionaires ”.

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From afar they acknowledge “we feel sorry for not having been able to put together our life project in Argentina but we opted for quality of life and well-being. We did not leave fought with the country and we do not rule out returning. “

For now, newlyweds – they did it in September and invited 20 friends to the sailboat – have no definitive return plans, although they do have a visit. “If one day we stop living on a boat, we will surely do so in a small city, surrounded by nature.”

During these cold months, Now It is embarked in the port of Barcelona. “We installed a salamander for low temperatures,” they explain. At the moment, she works as a psychologist and he performs maintenance tasks on the boats. But always with the aim of sailing, preparing the sailboat for the 2021 season.

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